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ReadMo on Your Website

Thanks to a simple script, ReadMo can integrate with your blog or website, allowing your readers to open and listen to articles and blog posts with the ReadMo extension.

Furthermore, our script allows you to customize ReadMo's theme and add your logo or avatar at the end of every article 💅

Edit the code below. You can then copy it and paste it on your website to integrate ReadMo!

<a href="/blog/announcement" data-readmoapp>Listen to this Article</a> <script src=""></script> <script> ReadMo.embed({ selector: "a[data-readmoapp]", partner: { name: "Acme Inc.", url: "", image: "", roundedImage: true, }, theme: { light: { highlightTextColor: "#4a5568", highlightGradient: "linear-gradient(-5deg, #ffe3c7, #fff4ce)", }, dark: { highlightTextColor: "#dfdedd", highlightGradient: "linear-gradient(-10deg, #5f3a8b, #3c449e)", } } }) </script>reset

Remember to add the data-readmoapp attribute to your links.

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ReadMo for iOS

ReadMo app for iOS is not available at the moment.

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